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Nothing can cause damage quite like water leaking into a structure. Moisture migration intruding into a building’s structure can cause a variety of problems. Mold and bacteria thrive in moist environments and can do damage not just to the structure. Moisture also speeds up the deterioration of wooden and/or concrete support structures. A waterproofing method properly designed and installed can do wonders in keeping offending water where it belongs - out of your building and or property.


Some methods of waterproofing we use are:


  • Below Grade & Site Retaining Walls
  • Clay Bentonite & Bentonite Injection
  • Negative Side Zypex, Koster, Aquafin
  • Sheet Applied & Drainage
  • Hot Applied Fluid Rubber
  • Expansion Joints Building & Seismic
  • Under Slab Vapor Barriers & Waterproofing Membrane
  • Air & Vapor Barrier
  • Between Slab Membrane
  • Cold Applied Fluid Rubber
  • Crack Injection Systems
  • Epoxy Injection Systems
  • Pool & Spa Waterproofing
  • Exterior Wall Coatings






Whichever method is used, installing them properly will help to ensure the product will do its job efficiently and will help keep building owners from dealing with the myriad of problems moisture can produce.  Review our featured projects and contact us today to further discuss the benefits of each of these waterproofing options.