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The United States has experienced unprecedented weather this spring and into the summer months. Destructive storms have ripped through Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico delivering record-breaking rainfall. San Diego County missed the wettest May in history by 0.05 inches and both Los Angeles and San Diego Counties just recorded the wettest July in more than a century. The entire Southern California region has been experiencing cooler temps and above normal precipitation this spring and summer. Scientists infer that these may be signs that the El Nino phenomenon is gaining strength – providing hope that drought relief is coming.  Can one El Nino winter bring California out of this historic drought? Yes! The record rainstorms this spring in Texas and Oklahoma ended a 4 ½ year drought, evidence that Californians should have hope. Is your business, commercial property and/or home ready for the next El Nino? Continued drought conditions can hide the potential weaknesses in your roofing and waterproofing systems. The best thing you can do to prepare for the predicted upcoming storms is to have your roof and waterproofing systems inspected by a professional. Follow these simple steps to ensure you are ready: Residential Roofing Tips: Inspect the condition of your roofing system. This will ensure that any and all shingles and/or tiles are repaired as needed safeguarding that your flashings are secured.  Ultimately this will prevent intrusive water that might make its way into your home causing hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages. Commercial Roofing Tips: Weather and natural degeneration can take a toll on your roof from the heat of the summer months. Expansion and contraction during the warmer months often results in membrane shrinkage, splitting seams, and peeling of flashes. Through industry testing and analysis, ARWP can determine the current condition of your roof and assist in the decision making process – to repair, restore or replace. If you wait until the roof must be replaced your options are limited and the cost can be much higher. Don’t forget, southern California companies haven’t experienced heavy, consistent rains for years. If you wait until the storms hit you won’t just be replacing the roof but you’ll have to deal with the interior water damages as well. Begin your preventative practices today! Waterproofing Tips: Pedestrian and vehicular traffic decks can experience UV damage, expansion and contraction of the sealants resulting in loss of topcoat, shinkage, and cracks. As a result, the foundation can experience shifting and structural cracks leading to the need for costly repairs. If you’re able to identify and repair roofing and waterproofing  issues before the damage occurs, you’ll give your building or home a fighting chance against this upcoming weather phenomenon.