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Bryan Winters of AR5. +inc architects contacted our company looking for a company that can provide both roofing/waterproofing and fully vegetated green roofs.  After several conversations, we were invited to bid the project and meet with the client/owner Claudio Meier.  We selected the use of a fully adhered Fibertite KEE rubber roof system to be installed beneath the Live Roof 4” deep modules as the primary waterproofing and root barrier.  The Live Roof 4” deep modules required 4-6 months of growth prior to being delivered and installed at the jobsite.  We used a portable conveyor belt to load the 1’ x 2’ 4” deep fully vegetated pre-grown Live Roof modules to the roof.

The client/owner are native of Switzerland and they were very much happy to have a green roof on their new Southern California residence much like the old green roofs in Switzerland.