Green Roof

ARWP worked with the architect Bricault Design designing and installing Thermoplastic single ply roofing membrane on the vertical walls and upper roof deck.  The architect Bricault Design needed a waterproofing product for both applications that withstand the wear and tear of a green roof and living wall application.  The waterproofing membrane installed by ARWP was used behind the architectural wood paneling, living walls, and green roofs.

We used these same principles when designing an installation of waterproofing membrane on the vertical exterior green walls.  The vertical walls required installation-using water based low VOC bonding adhesive as well as the fasteners along the seams.  The exterior window frames were bordered in steel with no counter flashing.  We worked with the architect designing a transition TPO clad metal flashing that was to be installed on all four sides of the steel frame windows. The vertical walls were to be covered with green vertical plant materials along the rear of the house and custom wood siding on the courtyard side of the house.  The skip gap installation allowed for the beige TPO roofing material to be seen between the panels rather that stand out had we designed/installed conventional moisture barriers.  The TPO roofing membrane also performs as a root barrier for the green roofing and living wall installation. Architect: Marc Bricault, Bricault Design, Vancouver, B.C.