Condominium Re-roofing

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Vartan Tserounian, general manager for the condominium association, contacted our company in January 2012.  The association was looking for a roofing contractor that could provide a 20-year reroofing scope of work that including re-sloping the upper penthouse roof as the existing slope was at 0% with large areas of standing water.  We met with the client and designed a reroof system that incorporated the use of tapered rigid insulation providing new sloping ¼” – 12” to the perimeter edges.  The new roofing system was specified using Soprema roofing products title 24 compliant white-coated SopraStar torch down roofing system.  We mechanically fastened the tapered rigid insulation and torch applied the new roof system, which qualified for a twenty-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

We were met with challenges on this job that included access to the upper roof, which was over 14 stories.  We designed a lift system that could raise and lower up to 800 lbs of old and new roofing materials.  The lift system was secured with counter weights on the upper roof staging area and was able to rotate our loads over the perimeter guardrail onto our landing/staging area.

Additionally we had to work around periods of wet weather as this project was conducted at the end of the rainy season for Los Angeles.  The new roof system was completed in sections and we made sure the roof was watertight at the end of each day.  During the re-roofing, we experienced some heavy rainstorms, which ultimately provided a good water test for the project.  We were successful at keeping the roof watertight during the entire length of the project.