924 Bel Air Road

01.BelAirRoadBackDAY 924 Bel Air Road

Scope Of Work

Complete Building Envelope Waterproofing, Roofing, and Sheet Metal

Completed in 24 Months 38,000 SF

$250 Million Real Estate Listing Price

8th Wonder Of The World

Designed & Built By Billionaire Bruce Makowsky

– Site Shoring Structural BlindSide Waterproofing

– Basement Walls Positive Side Waterproofing

– Underslab Bentonite Vapor Barrier Waterproofing

– Shower Pans Polymer Modified Mortar Sloping

– Shower Pans Fluid Applied Waterproofing

– Shower Walls & Overhead Sheet Applied Waterproofing

– Pool & Spa Structural Liner Waterproofing

– Pool & Spa Shotcrete Shell Waterproofing

– Planter Fluid Applied Waterproofing

– Thermoplastic Roofing Membrane Beneath Bison Pedestal Raised Decking System

– Structural Expansion Joints

– Glass Handrail Waterproofing & Sheet Metal Integration

– Exterior Air & Vapor Barrier Behind Stucco Wall Assembly

– Door & Window Sheet & Fluid Applied Waterproofing

– Under Driveway Vapor Barrier

– Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Door & Window Pans