600 Perugia Way

As a connoisseur of mid-century furniture, the owner wanted a house that would serve as a decoration background for many antiques, adding up to their beauty.

Modern and technically expedient design with capitalization in the city landscape, aiming at keeping to the maximum height of the ceilings in all rooms.

The first floor is an open plan that visually expands as the wide corridor passes into the spaces on both sides and ends in the media room. Doors, windows and glass walls stretch to the ceiling, while maintaining a sense of spatial openness. At night, the city skyline of Los Angeles is flooded with colored lights, crystal clear through the glass from the floor to the ceiling.

While designing, constraints should be taken into account: the site is a steep slope on a slope, previously occupied by a one-story house. Consequently, the occupied area of the structure must match the previous one. The overall height of the object was limited to ensure confidentiality on the adjacent site.

The design solution includes light gray terrazzo, white stucco walls and ceilings, mosaic tiles and teak doors, bordered with splashes of color in furniture, works of art and lamps. On the second floor, the chocolate-colored parquet floor provides a tiny amount of heat for more private parts of the house.

As for the exterior, the hardscape consists of alternating strips of washed and smooth gray concrete, offering textural difficulties, while the deck smoothly flows from the living room, kitchen and office to the panoramic pool.