10250 Santa Monica Blvd Century City

At the newly renovated Westfield Century City mall, visitors will now be able to stand in freezing chambers and pay for VIP service — while paying for parking through their phones.

The luxurious two-year redevelopment will open next week, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In an effort to entice buyers to ditch the web and shop in malls, Westfield execs added a variety of extravagant amenities. Some of the highlights include Mario Batali’s widely successful Eataly, Amazon Books, San Diego’s Crack Shack and of course, Equinox.

Visitors will also have access to “frictionless parking,” which eliminates the hassle of circling for parking by offering reserved spots through license plate scanning technology. There will also be five valet stations scattered around 1.3 million-square-feet of mall space.

For the health freaks, Westfield will have a Next Health cryotherapy clinic where patients can stand in freezing pods. A UCLA Health Clinic and Gloveworx boxing studio will also be on site.

But, nothing screams Los Angeles extravagance like the mall’s newest security feature.

Westfield hired Los Angeles International Airport security firm Gavin de Becker & Associates to run the shopping center’s luxury VIP lounges where celebs can get private fittings, apparel samplings and gourmet food delivered. Secret elevators will lead such guests to every shop or restaurant.