• Completed Green Idea Case Study House

It is not everyday that a company is contacted by a homeowner with the request to build a net zero energy and zero carbon home. Robert Fortunato, Redondo Beach homeowner, wanted to push the limits of residential construction and create the Green Idea House case study.

Robert reached out to Justin Ewart and his team at ARWP to have them design the Green Idea House’s roofing system as well as install their solar stand-offs.  Justin’s challenge was to ensure that his portion of the project met the project goals – to design a net zero energy and zero carbon home for less than standard construction costs. While at the time of construction there was a shift toward green construction practices, even a new law stating that all new residential homes must be net zero energy by 2020, but this was yet to be the accepted norm. When designing the roofing system it was important that the following objectives were achieved:

  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle – 97% of the construction waste was to be kept out of landfills
  • Harvest Energy – The home had to harvest more energy than it used
  • Cost effective solutions – the designs had to cost less than standard construction costs

To achieve these goals, Justin Ewart selected a roofing system from a local manufacturing company that was less than 100 miles from the construction site. All leftover materials were recycled in a facility in Chino, CA reducing the waste that would typically end up in a landfill.

As a result of Robert’s vision, Justin’s and fellow subcontractors contributions, the Green Idea House  resulted in:

  • 97.5% of all demolition waste was recycled
  • Reduced the home’s energy costs by 70%
  • Each month the Fortunato family receives a $1,400 credit from their energy company
  • The solar panels power their electric car that they use for 80% of their driving
  • Reduced their personal soot contribution by 100%
  • 33% reduction in water use

Justin and his entire team at ARWP were proud and honored to be part of a ground breaking project. This project defied the industry standards developing a house 15% below standard construction costs and ultimately resulted in Net Zero Energy and Zero Carbon home.