17Jan 2016
Rain Over a Roof into the Gutters

How did your home or business weather the first, signifcant El Nino Storm? Los Angeles experienced record rain, flooding, storm surges, and all of the leaks associated with this type of weather. The four years of drought may have taken a toll on your home or business. Haven’t prepared for what winter has in store? Take the time now, check out ARWP’s tips on making sure your home or business is ready for what is expected to be a record breaking winter.

Even though El Nino is here!  It is not too late, get prepared today! Contact the team at Allied Roofing and Waterproofing with any questions. 

  1. Purchase Emergency Supplies! Do you live or work in an area that frequently floods? Get ahead of the game. Stock up on sandbags, heavy plastic sheeting and be prepared. Don’t let a storm sneak up on you, watch the weather!

  2. Fix your leaks right away!  The recent dry heat may have caused wood structures to shrink and to open up expansion joints, possibly creating leak points. Did you experience this during the last rain? Call an expert immediately. Roofers, waterproofers, and plumbers are booking weeks out. Don’t wait to get on their schedule.

  3. Clean out your Gutters and Downspouts – and then clean them again! Clean your gutters before and after each storm. Look for any breaks and make sure the gutters are tight against the roofline. Seal up any holes from cables and other wires that penetrate exterior walls.

  4. Invest in a Generator: A number of Los Angeles neighborhoods lost power in last weeks storms. If you are in a neighborhood susceptible to power outages, consider buying a portable generator or even a permanent standby generator that immediately kicks in if the power goes out.

  5. Install a sump pump: With enough rain, groundwater can invade below-grade spaces such as basements and garages even with good drainage systems in place. If you already have a sump pump, have your plumber service it.

  6. Examine your Window Glazing Compound: The persistent hot, dry weather may have caused the glazing compound to shrink and pull away from the glass panes. Loosened panes can allow rain penetration. Check and recaulk as needed.

  7. Balcony & Deck Slopes? How is the water flowing from the walls into the drainage system? Make sure all drains are clear of debris and draining properly.

  8. Find your Team! Research the best waterproofers, plumbers, and roofers in town! Don’t wait until you need an expert to find your team! Add their contact information to your phone!
28Oct 2015
The exterior of the Mullen Automotive Museum
The exterior of the Mullen Automotive Museum

The Completed Mullin Automotive Museum

Allied Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc., ARWP,  was contacted by architect David Randall Hertz to assist in the roof design and installation for the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, CA. This was no ordinary design and installation project as Mr. Mullin’s museum was being built to house the world’s largest collection of vintage Bugatti’s and French race cars of the 1930’s;  including the world’s most expensive Bugatti. This project had to be designed and built to highest standards, using the best materials and the most qualified contractors as any construction defects could result in damage to a significant piece of history.  

The museum was established in 2010 and occupies the former Chandler Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife. The museum project included the design and reconstruction of a 45,000 square foot structure. The design was inspired by the era of Mr. Mullin’s car collection. As you stroll through the museum you are surrounded by elements of the Art Deco style. The museum is a mix of history and modern day innovation as it was designed to be more energy efficient, achieving this goal through the use of solar panels and heat reducing reflective roofing.

Mullen Automotive Museum Project in Progress

Mullin Automotive Museum Project in Progress

Justin Ewart and his team at ARWP worked with Interscape Construction Inc. of Montrose, CA to execute the roofing designs. The new roof installation included R-30 rigid insulation and 60 Mil Versico TPO Thermoplastic Single Ply Roof Membrane mechanically fastened to the wood substrates.  The Thermoplastic Single Ply Roof Membrane was installed beneath the photovoltaic solar panels and green roof viewing decks.

The entire ARWP team was honored to have been selected to work with architect David Hertz, general contractor Steve Russell and owner Peter Mullin on implementing and installing an energy efficient roofing system.

22Sep 2015

Allied Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of a new General Manager and Vice President of Sales to the ARWP team. Ben Hanfling has joined the company with the strategic goal of assisting Justin Ewart, President of ARWP, in growing their portfolio of luxury residential and commercial roofing and waterproofing projects.

Ben previously worked with Justin as a Project Manager and Sales Representative under his former company, Allied Waterproofing Systems. With the recent, significant growth at ARWP, Justin decided it was time to expand the team in order to continue providing his clients with top notch service. With no hesitation Justin reached out to Ben to step up into this new position with ARWP.

“Integrity, Experience, and Professionalism,” – Justin. “Those are the defining characteristics that Ben will provide to each of our customers.”

Ben comes to ARWP with a wealth of experience, having spent ten years in the construction industry and fifteen years developing his sales and management skills. He was instrumental in ensuring customer projects were completed on time, within budget, and at the highest level of quality. Ben join ARWP as the General Manager and Vice President of Sales in order to continue ARWP’s success providing roofing and waterproofing services to the greater Southern California region.

“My goal is to work with Justin to develop a long term strategic plan in order to expand the Allied Roofing and Waterproofing market share in Southern California. With my industry experience, and belief that if you always under promise and over deliver, I have no doubt we will succeed.” – Ben

The entire crew at Allied Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc is excited to welcome Ben to the team!

20Jul 2015
Warmer temperatures leading to a 2015 El Nino season

The United States has experienced unprecedented weather this spring and into the summer months. Destructive storms have ripped through Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico delivering record-breaking rainfall. San Diego County missed the wettest May in history by 0.05 inches and both Los Angeles and San Diego Counties just recorded the wettest July in more than a century. The entire Southern California region has been experiencing cooler temps and above normal precipitation this spring and summer.

Scientists infer that these may be signs that the El Nino phenomenon is gaining strength – providing hope that drought relief is coming.  Can one El Nino winter bring California out of this historic drought? Yes! The record rainstorms this spring in Texas and Oklahoma ended a 4 ½ year drought, evidence that Californians should have hope.

Is your business, commercial property and/or home ready for the next El Nino? Continued drought conditions can hide the potential weaknesses in your roofing and waterproofing systems. The best thing you can do to prepare for the predicted upcoming storms is to have your roof and waterproofing systems inspected by a professional. Follow these simple steps to ensure you are ready:

Residential Roofing Tips:

Inspect the condition of your roofing system. This will ensure that any and all shingles and/or tiles are repaired as needed safeguarding that your flashings are secured.  Ultimately this will prevent intrusive water that might make its way into your home causing hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages.

Commercial Roofing Tips:

Weather and natural degeneration can take a toll on your roof from the heat of the summer months. Expansion and contraction during the warmer months often results in membrane shrinkage, splitting seams, and peeling of flashes. Through industry testing and analysis, ARWP can determine the current condition of your roof and assist in the decision making process – to repair, restore or replace.

If you wait until the roof must be replaced your options are limited and the cost can be much higher. Don’t forget, southern California companies haven’t experienced heavy, consistent rains for years. If you wait until the storms hit you won’t just be replacing the roof but you’ll have to deal with the interior water damages as well. Begin your preventative practices today!

Waterproofing Tips:

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic decks can experience UV damage, expansion and contraction of the sealants resulting in loss of topcoat, shinkage, and cracks. As a result, the foundation can experience shifting and structural cracks leading to the need for costly repairs.

If you’re able to identify and repair roofing and waterproofing  issues before the damage occurs, you’ll give your building or home a fighting chance against this upcoming weather phenomenon.

26Jun 2015
  • Completed Green Idea Case Study House

It is not everyday that a company is contacted by a homeowner with the request to build a net zero energy and zero carbon home. Robert Fortunato, Redondo Beach homeowner, wanted to push the limits of residential construction and create the Green Idea House case study.

Robert reached out to Justin Ewart and his team at ARWP to have them design the Green Idea House’s roofing system as well as install their solar stand-offs.  Justin’s challenge was to ensure that his portion of the project met the project goals – to design a net zero energy and zero carbon home for less than standard construction costs. While at the time of construction there was a shift toward green construction practices, even a new law stating that all new residential homes must be net zero energy by 2020, but this was yet to be the accepted norm. When designing the roofing system it was important that the following objectives were achieved:

  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle – 97% of the construction waste was to be kept out of landfills
  • Harvest Energy – The home had to harvest more energy than it used
  • Cost effective solutions – the designs had to cost less than standard construction costs

To achieve these goals, Justin Ewart selected a roofing system from a local manufacturing company that was less than 100 miles from the construction site. All leftover materials were recycled in a facility in Chino, CA reducing the waste that would typically end up in a landfill.

As a result of Robert’s vision, Justin’s and fellow subcontractors contributions, the Green Idea House  resulted in:

  • 97.5% of all demolition waste was recycled
  • Reduced the home’s energy costs by 70%
  • Each month the Fortunato family receives a $1,400 credit from their energy company
  • The solar panels power their electric car that they use for 80% of their driving
  • Reduced their personal soot contribution by 100%
  • 33% reduction in water use

Justin and his entire team at ARWP were proud and honored to be part of a ground breaking project. This project defied the industry standards developing a house 15% below standard construction costs and ultimately resulted in Net Zero Energy and Zero Carbon home.

20Apr 2015

ARWP’s Justin Ewart partnered with Architect David Hertz in the roof and waterproofing design and construction of a home comprised of 4.5 million parts of a Boeing 747. The 747 Wing House project is on a 55-acre property in the remote hills of Malibu, CA. Justin Ewart was contacted by Architect David Hertz for is expertise and creativity in roofing and waterproofing. Justin Ewarts final design plans incorporated using the products  of two manufactures, Versico & PolyGlas. The ARWP team designed a Class A Fire Rated roofing system by installing a three-step process of PolyGlass Self-Adhesive membranes applied directly to the existing aluminum, composite, and wood substrates of the recycled wings.

We were able to achieve a Class A Fire Rating with the PolyGlass Self-Adhesive membranes without the use of fasteners or fire retardant sheet barriers. The use of fasteners for the roofing system was not an option as the fasteners would telegraph through the final layer of Versico TPO roofing membrane and be visible from the different viewpoints of the 747 Wing House. The PolyGlass Self-Adhesive membranes have a granular mineral surface, which provides a great point of adhesion substrate for the final layer of membrane, which was to be fully adhered to the PolyGlass membranes. Hertz wanted a roofing membrane to complement the original aluminum and composite substrate of the recycled wings.

The ARWP team provided Hertz with the Versico TPO (Thermoplastic Polyefin) “Grey” roofing membrane as it was the perfect product for the job. We fully adhered the roofing membrane to the PolyGlass membranes with water based VOC bonding adhesive thus eliminating the need for unsightly fasteners. We worked with Hertz to provide a suitable layout of the membrane as to replicate the metal panel simulation of the original aluminum and composite substrate of the recycled wings.

The real challenge was finishing the roofing membrane along the radial and knife-edges of the wings. In working with our sheet metal fabricator, we were able to design a TPO Clad metal as manufactured by Versico Roofing Products in which the membrane was fabricated fused to the aluminum clad metal. The metal was then custom fit to replicate the shapes of the radial and knife-edges of the wings. Our technicians then welded custom non-reinforced membrane between the metal and original installation roof areas.

The field membrane was secured with a 1″ wide aluminum termination metal beneath the custom clad metal perimeter edging thus preventing wind uplift as the 747 wing project sits at the top of a canyon above Point Mugu. The Versico TPO “Grey” membrane was not as reflective as the white membrane but did provide a Solar 747 Boeing jet. There was a reflectance of 46% after the initial installation.

In the end, the Hertz and owner Francine Rehwald were extremely pleased with the care and consideration that the 4myroof team, now Allied Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc., took into implementing and installing the first ever roof of it’s kind to the recycled wings of a 747 Boeing jet.


25Mar 2015
  • Drone View of Mathis Furniture Project
  • G0051881 Roof Preparation & Solar Penetration
  • Sky View Mid Construction of Mathis Furniture

ARWP,  Allied Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc., was contacted by Mark Smith of Solar Forward, Inc. to provide roof preparation and solar penetration roofing at Mathis Furniture in Indio, California. The existing roof system is a Fibertite 36 mil thick thermoplastic roof membrane. ARWP is a certified applicator using their abilities and knowledge of different roofing systems to identify the most appropriate roofing product and coordinate with key individuals at Fibertite. As an approved applicator ARWP was able to extend the already in place warranty to include over 600 new roof penetrations. Upon completion the warranted Fibertite roofing system will receive a new certification from the manufacturer with the solar farm in place on the roof.

When completed the 2496 SunPower 327 Watt Solar Panels will produce 850 kilowatts with 32 SMA Tri-power inverters. It is estimated that the return on investment will be 5 years providing Mathis Furniture an additional 15 years under warranty. Interested in learning more about solar options, contact ARWP today!

27Feb 2015
ARWP was selected to replace the two aging BUR Build-Up Roofing Modified Bitumen cap sheet roof systems with Versico 60 mil thick TPO Class A fire resistant roofing membrane.  While in the middle of winter, our crews are aware of the changing weather and provide a watertight roof system at the end of each working day.  We are on schedule to have the 45,000 square feet of roofing completed by the end of February 2015.


Owner: DSL Construction Scott Properties – Los Angeles
Project: 10480 National Blvd & 10514 National Blvd Los Angeles
History: DSL Construction Scott Properties has been a customer of Allied Roofing & Waterproofing Inc since after the 1994 Northridge earthquake.  Like many building owners following the destruction as a result of the magnitude 6.7 earthquake, they were in need of a good Los Angeles roofing contractor and fast.  Since 1994, Allied Roofing & Waterproofing have successfully roofed over 50,000 square feet of apartment buildings for DSLConstruction Scott Properties.
05Feb 2015
Beverly Hills Most Expensive Home Sale to Date at $70,000,000

It is not every day that a Beverly Hills home sells for $70,000,000, yes you read that correctly, seventy-million dollars! When handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky set out to build the mega-mansion complete with eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a 2,500 bottle wine room and 23,000 square feet of living space he wanted the best of everything. ARWP was brought on to work on the basement waterproofing and roofing of the high profile mansion. Collaborating with multiple contractors on a larger team we worked on the residence retaining walls, basement under slab vapor barrier, above grade waterproofing transitions and the basement car carousel. In addition to this we also executed the doors and window moisture barrier, roofing and sheet metal waterproofing integration.

Stay up to date on our newsletter to learn about new projects, in the mean time check out some more of our featured projects to get a better idea of our work.



02Feb 2015
We are excited to announce that Allied Waterproofing Systems, Inc. and its roofing division 4MyRoof have officially combined to create Allied Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc. 
Based in Santa Monica, California we are excited to offer contractors of both commercial and residential properties more than 30 years of experience and full suite of services. In addition to roofing and waterproofing our services also include general construction and solar installation. In bundling these services we are is able to simplify the construction process with our years of experience and commitment to excellence.

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