Rain Over a Roof into the Gutters

How did your home or business weather the first, signifcant El Nino Storm? Los Angeles experienced record rain, flooding, storm surges, and all of the leaks associated with this type of weather. The four years of drought may have taken a toll on your home or business. Haven’t prepared for what winter has in store? Take the time now, check out ARWP’s tips on making sure your home or business is ready for what is expected to be a record breaking winter.

Even though El Nino is here!  It is not too late, get prepared today! Contact the team at Allied Roofing and Waterproofing with any questions. 

  1. Purchase Emergency Supplies! Do you live or work in an area that frequently floods? Get ahead of the game. Stock up on sandbags, heavy plastic sheeting and be prepared. Don’t let a storm sneak up on you, watch the weather!

  2. Fix your leaks right away!  The recent dry heat may have caused wood structures to shrink and to open up expansion joints, possibly creating leak points. Did you experience this during the last rain? Call an expert immediately. Roofers, waterproofers, and plumbers are booking weeks out. Don’t wait to get on their schedule.

  3. Clean out your Gutters and Downspouts – and then clean them again! Clean your gutters before and after each storm. Look for any breaks and make sure the gutters are tight against the roofline. Seal up any holes from cables and other wires that penetrate exterior walls.

  4. Invest in a Generator: A number of Los Angeles neighborhoods lost power in last weeks storms. If you are in a neighborhood susceptible to power outages, consider buying a portable generator or even a permanent standby generator that immediately kicks in if the power goes out.

  5. Install a sump pump: With enough rain, groundwater can invade below-grade spaces such as basements and garages even with good drainage systems in place. If you already have a sump pump, have your plumber service it.

  6. Examine your Window Glazing Compound: The persistent hot, dry weather may have caused the glazing compound to shrink and pull away from the glass panes. Loosened panes can allow rain penetration. Check and recaulk as needed.

  7. Balcony & Deck Slopes? How is the water flowing from the walls into the drainage system? Make sure all drains are clear of debris and draining properly.

  8. Find your Team! Research the best waterproofers, plumbers, and roofers in town! Don’t wait until you need an expert to find your team! Add their contact information to your phone!